Song of the Week 6: Wormhole

The song of the week six is Wormhole, one of the album tracks released as a video single. Kristian Herkman: At the time, we were remaking the old Arched Fire songs for the album, but we also had the idea to include a new one. In December 2019, I went through my old Guitar Pro … More Song of the Week 6: Wormhole

“Escape” video out now, CD released!

Finnish heavy metallers ARCHED FIRE present “Escape” [Lyric Video]. “Escape” is a track taken from Arched Fire’s album “Remote Control” out via Wormholedeath worldwide. “Remote Control” will be available in CD format on 11 06 2021 via Aural Music Group. ”Escape” is a story of a man who strives to get out of the misery … More “Escape” video out now, CD released!

“Remote-Controlled End” video out now!

The Finnish metal band’s debut single ponders the powers of the algorithms. “Remote-Controlled End” is the first video single of Arched Fire, a Finnish metal band working on their debut album to be released later this year. Musically, Arched Fire is where heavy metal meets speed metal—“hevispiidi”, as a Finnish radio dj called them a … More “Remote-Controlled End” video out now!

Part 7: The End

The end began in the late summer of 1990, when we decided Rytky had to go. It must have had something to do with the two gigs he missed, but it was also because he never really practiced and you could hear it in his playing. He took the news well, but was sad about … More Part 7: The End