Ancient Gigs

Here are the gigs we played ages ago… More useless info, anyone? Some of the dates are a bit uncertain, let us know if you know ’em! The quotes are translated from the local newspapers.

12.05.1989 Isokylä School, Kemijärvi (Koulubailut/School Party)
“Arched Fire is a line-up by Aslak Purojärvi, Ari Väntänen and Mika Rytilahti. The band Danger Zone is in the past now. ‘The music is better than it used to be. Fast heavy metal’, Aslak describes the group’s current direction. AF plays a few songs in the disco to get some important stage experience for the next Sessiorock, held on June 2nd.”

22.05.1989 Kulttuurikämppä/Culture House, Kemijärvi

02.06.1989 Työväentalo/People’s House, Kemijärvi (Sessiorock V)
“Arched Fire and Oasis got their trials by fire on the Tökäri stage. Their first bigger gig went well for both bands. A bit of fine-tuning in playing and performing and they’ll be fine.”

06.06.1989 Kulttuurikämppä/Culture House, Kemijärvi (Wood Sculpting Week/Kelonveistoviikko, outdoors)
“Arched Fire stormed their set through with pathos. With Aslak on drums and vocals, Mika on bass and Ari on rhythm and lead guitar, their music is dark speed metal. It was neither the place nor the time for music like theirs, but surprisingly enough, even some elderly spectators rewarded the boys with applause.

16.09.1989 Rock Hot Stuff, Liikuntahalli, Kemijärvi (RuskaSwing)

28.01. or 4.2.1990 Linnala, Savonlinna

27.04.1990 Lepistö School, Kemijärvi

??.05.1990 Lepistö School, Kemijärvi

2?.6.1990 Kulttuurikämppä/Culture House, Kemijärvi (Wood Sculpting Week/Kelonveistoviikko, outdoors)

19.07.1990 Falcon, Kemijärvi

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