Song of the Week 8: Futile

Futile, the most epic piece on the Remote Control album, is both old and new, with the emphasis heavily on the latter.

Some of it – the verse arpeggio and both middle parts (meaning the ”out in the dark (…) blaze of glory” section and the Maiden-esque part that follows) was originally written in 1990 for a song called Against the World pt. 2, a sequel of sorts for the track that became A.T.W. The rest of the riffs are new, and so are the vocal melodies, lyrics and the whole arrangement.

Lyrically, Futile is about burnout and self-esteem. As told by Kristian: “It’s a story of someone who’s lost and unsure about the future, yet sure of that our lives are not futile. He proudly takes the responsibility and the control of his own life.”

Futile was probably the most difficult song to finish. A lot of work and experimenting was required to make it work. I remember being frustrated about the song never sounding quite right to me, but we kept fine-tuning it until it finally did. Pardon the pun, but it certainly wasn’t futile. Despite being the longest song on the record, Futile grows and evolves smoothly into something impressive and important. Something to be proud of.


In the deep oceans I drift by your side
Climb over mountains until we die
Call out my name to a horizon in mist
We carry on with the journey some resist

What we have now is just a trace of hope
Never give in there’s always a new road
All the mistakes have shown us the way
We raise our fists and face the new day

We are the fallen ones
Still rise and stand by our guns
Proud we walk on with respect and smile
We are not futile

Praise your friends, get more as you give
Dismiss the enemies, ignore those who deceive
All the stories we made are their dreams
They will hide behind laughter and schemes

Harness the Sun and burn your flame
You are the one to rule your game
As you live you get your heart torn
When we die, legends are born!

We are the fallen ones
Still rise and stand by our guns
Proud we walk on with respect and smile
We are not futile

[Who does he think he is? What a fool!
He’s so stupid! Loser! Look at him! He is just futile!]
Futile! We’re not futile!
Futile! We’re not futile!

Day after day we are expected to fight
For the intersubjective meaning of life
Your value is measured by society
We must choose our road wisely

Futile! Survive the game!
Futile! Or burnout the flame!
Futile! In the world insane!
Futile! Hall of the fame!

Out in the dark with a burning heart
Destination now unknown
Overthrown from my story
Go out in a blaze of glory

[Why is this happening to me?
What am I doing here?
Fail, fail, fail, fail, fail]

Fail fast again and again
Mistakes are human way to learn
Accomplished but never complete
Adapt to changes and let your heart beat

Futile! Survive the game
Futile! Or burnout the flame
Futile! In the world insane
Futile! Hall of the fame
Futile! Look at me now
Futile! I am above
Futile! I’m a forerunner
Futile! I am a winner

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