On the Road Metal Blog Review

On the Road web zine from Brasil reviewed our album, check it out here!

Here’s the English translation:

Finland was never remembered for the thrash metal scene, but there was a time between the second part of the 80’s until 1990, when Finland had an active thrash scene, but unfortunately those bands never got very far. Arched Fire is among these bands, formed around 1989 and mixing Traditional Metal with Thrash Metal touches, but they broke up without recording any material. After 30 years the band came together to finally record their full debut.

“Remote Control” consists of their old material that has been rearranged, with a sound that approaches Traditional Metal in the Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate and Accept lines, and a bit of Thrash Metal. Judas Priest is the biggest resemblance on this album, and high-pitched vocals that can come a little close to King Diamond and Rob Halford of the Painkiller days.

There’s nothing innovative here, it’s just that good old school Heavy Metal that appeals to the style crowd, like the songs “Escape” and “…and Ride Away” and the slow “Futile” reminiscent of Metallica.

Many bands try to come back after many years and don’t get the expected result, but Arched Fire managed to prove with their comeback that they still have wood to burn. Now I hope they don’t take another 30 years for a new album.

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