Treasure from ’89!

Our beloved bass player Mika “Rytky” Rytilahti found some notes about Arched Fire’s second gig, which took place on May 22nd 1989 at Kemijärvi’s Kulttuurikämppä (Culture House) in Lapland, Finland. So endearing and authentic!

May 22nd 1989, Kulttuurikämppä, Kemijärvi. Photo: Rytky’s Mom!

“Monday 22.5.
We didn’t even go to school today because Arimal and I went to Rovaniemi to buy a bass a guitar… We got to play with Soundiässät’s gear, GREAT! We didn’t even have enough time to get familiar with our new instruments because the gig was on the same day. The soundcheck was excellent. The feeling of nervousness and the excitement got more and more intense. Tabell was cursing about our gig salary of five marks each and threatened to make them eat it, but to the organizers’ luck, the money went up to 40 marks each (supposedly because they thought we were so good). On Sunday at the rehearsals, an audience of 20 people appeared during our song “Desire”. It was a good day for Helisten, because he got his old broad back. Cool-looking type. Sippis was exactly like he is, I’d say he has no nerves at all. Assu I really couldn’t figure out, and Arimal was lumbering here and there with a wandering gaze in his eyes. Fuck, I was nervous about our second gig. M went to the bathroom in every ten minutes. They blew the start of the show, because they ran out of smoke. AV’s guitar was out of tune. Otherwise it went well. – Rytky, 25.5.” (1989)

Set list: “Get Scorched”, “Desire (to Revenge)”, “Pestilence”, “Out of the Cell”, “Downtown City”

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