New review by VN 2000

Italian metal blog Via Nocturna 2000 shared their thoughts of Trust Betrayal. Read it here – and if you don’t know the language, try the rough translation below.

Despite having already been born as a band in the distant year of 1989, Arched Fire only released their first album in 2021. But they didn’t waste much time releasing the second. It’s Trust Betrayal, recently put into circulation, a 40-minute download of heavy/speed/thrash metal that owes much to the big names of the 80s – The Big 4, among others.

The high-pitched vocals are, as always, part of this menu, but Kristian Herkman inserts some more aggressive notes. The unbridled and energetic rhythms are also a constant presence and only at intervals does the thing slow down slightly to more paced registers. The dialogue established between the two guitars is quite well achieved, with the solos proving to be one of the most captivating aspects of the album.

The Finnish collective still manages to inject some doses of melody (Blind Faith’s is in the ear), but lacks diversity. In fact, only on the final theme, Artificial Sun, can you hear more worked arrangements and moving away from the general speedado.


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